Night skating

ice skating rink

Sneak away with me in the middle of the night while the world is sleeping. Lace up your skates leave your cares behind under the starry lights. Hands joined and we glide effortless and laughing as we circle around the moon. Morning breaks our fantasy until the next time we go night skating.


Tennis ball on the beach

Waves crash about always in a hurry. Destroying themselves on the sandy shore. Sometimes I wonder why the urgency? We'll get there eventually let's enjoy the riptide.


River banks

What were you looking for down on the river banks? Did you find your youth buried in the earth? Was there any wisdom to be learned from the cottonwoods? Did you settle the score with yourself amongst the reeds? What was the reason the clouds were in the water?



Valentine's day by the falls cool mist on our toes our feet glisten in the afternoon sun. Our fingers mesh flirtatiously with clasped palms a kiss unexpected yet welcome. A warm smile over your shoulder a playful wink and we walk along past Valentine's Day.