Clouds in the blue sky

High above our ancestors look down on us have we made them proud? Are we keeping the promises they handed down the ones from so long ago? Or do empty words fill the air fleeting with the wind like clouds in the blue sky?


Snowy stairs

The further on we go the more lost we become. No signposts up ahead we never read them anyway. Our path is our own footsteps in the fresh snow. We greet each sunset like an old friend. So don't worry about us if you think we are lost. Not knowing where we are is how … Continue reading Lost

Night skating

ice skating rink

Sneak away with me in the middle of the night while the world is sleeping. Lace up your skates leave your cares behind under the starry lights. Hands joined and we glide effortless and laughing as we circle around the moon. Morning breaks our fantasy until the next time we go night skating.


Tennis ball on the beach

Waves crash about always in a hurry. Destroying themselves on the sandy shore. Sometimes I wonder why the urgency? We'll get there eventually let's enjoy the riptide.