Forest floor

Forest floor

Who is the person
you want to be?

What is the point
of your daily life?

When will you reach
your full potential?

Where will you go
when the darkness takes you?

Why do you care
what the answers are?


Clouds in the blue sky

Clouds in the blue sky

High above our ancestors
look down on us
have we made them proud?

Are we keeping the promises
they handed down
the ones from so long ago?

Or do empty words fill the air
fleeting with the wind
like clouds in the blue sky?


Snowy stairs

Snowy stairs

The further on we go
the more lost we become.

No signposts up ahead
we never read them anyway.

Our path is our own
footsteps in the fresh snow.

We greet each sunset
like an old friend.

So don’t worry about us
if you think we are lost.

Not knowing where we are
is how we find our way.